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Puppy Program 

Crackin has designed a program designed for our long-coated puppies. It is so crucial to get your puppy desensitized to all the loud noises and buzzy items we use. For some breeds they will be coming every 6 weeks for the rest of their life, let's make sure they are happy whilst it is happening!

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What do you get?

  • Consultation on what kind of grooming services your puppy's breed can receive, along with scheduling types and more.

  • A gift box filled with the tools you will need to maintain your puppy at home. Including Plush Puppy shampoo, conditioner OR grooming spray, and a Plush Puppy slicker brush and comb. 

  • Of course your puppy program, please read below. Depending on the breed we may need to adjust. 

First Wash (14-16 weeks)

Taking it nice and slow, your puppy will be introduced to the grooming world with a bath in lukewarm water and gentle shampoo and conditioner, followed by a blow dry at a low speed. A light brush and nail clip if required.  The perfect way to start their experience off. 

Tidy Up (17-18 weeks)

Now that your puppy has had their first introduction to the bathing and drying equipment. 

This groom will start with the bath and blowdry again, followed by a tidy-up on the paws, sanitary areas, feet and face. This will be done with clippers and scissors. 

Style Groom (18-20 weeks)

After a discussion with you on what style you are wanting for your puppy, he/she will have the first clip on the body and legs. Scissoring the face, tail, and feet as well. Generally, we don't take much off for their first style. This is also inclusive of the bath, blowdry and nails. 

Pricing for the Puppy Program

Small breeds (cavaliers, cavoodle, bichon etc)- $300.00 

Medium breeds (cocker spaniels, mini poodle, sheltie etc) - $350.00

Large breeds (border collie, bordoodle, lrg groodle etc)- $370.00 

Terms and Conditions 

  • Puppies are to be in the age range listed above

  • Payment to be made in full before commencement of the program

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